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Free Ramblin' Kids was started in 2010 by Katie Cavacco, with the mission of creating eco-friendly, whimsical toys and footwear for young children.

Each Free Ramblin' Kids item is unique; handmade from recycled wool or cashmere sweaters. Textile waste is a huge problem across the globe, with fashion production the second most polluting industry in the world.

Free Ramblin' Kids aims to divert useable clothing and textiles from the waste stream and turn them into quality, value-added items for every family.



Katie is a multidisciplinary maker, sewist, and textile upcycler with a passion for creative reuse and repair. Raised in Franklin County, Mass., a lifelong love of sewing took her to Boston for a BFA in Fashion Design from MassArt; an interest in sustainability took her to London College of Fashion at UAL for MA Fashion Futures (sustainable fashion systems); and a love of place brought her back to western Massachusetts.

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